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RORI is a new brand of Cieszyńskie Zakłady Kartoniarskie S.A. It is a return to the first name of the company, founded in Cieszyn in 1922.

At RORI, we are using the most innovative, digital packaging production equipment. We print boxes (and not only) digitally, with premium quality on HP Indigo 30000 and refine also digitally on Scodix Ultra 202 and finally cut the jobs on plotters.

The combination of classic packaging production (nearly 100 years of experience) with innovative digital technology gives us the opportunity to offer completely new solutions in the area of sales and marketing of personalized premium products.

Digital print

We were the first in this part of Europe to install the HP Indigo 30000. It is a digital offset machine that offers the widest range of digital printing options on the market. The HP Indigo print quality is comparable to classic offset printouts.
Printing digitally we achieve up to 97% pantone gamut. There is no need to order special colors - all inks are mixed in the machine for the needs of the currently printed job.

That means, any number of pantone colors can be used in the job.
Thanks to the ILP surface activation module, we can also print on metallized cardboard.

Other components of HP Indigo value added are:

  • printing of small series of packaging, e.g. for market testing,
  • printing without any plates - straight from the PDF / AI file,
  • personalization with use of variable data (VDP),
  • printing anti-counterfeiting (e.g. microtexts, QR microcodes, personalization, Guilloche images),
  • trial and comparative prints (using alternative colors); mockups.
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Digital enhancement - Gallery

Digital enhancement

We are the first packaging user of the Scodix Ultra 202 in this part of Europe. Scodix is a multi-tasking device that allows us to apply various types of digital enhancement:

  • cold foil Scodix Foil®

  • spot varnishing Scodix Spot®

  • spot convex varnishing = embossing effect Scodix Sense®

  • cast and cure effect Scodix Cast&Cure®

All processes are performed without additional tools, e.g. stamping and embossing dies.
Enhancement effect is transferred directly from the file to the sheet.

Enhancements are dynamically adapted to the variable data printed on HP Indigo. That is why we can offer complete proofs in various enhancement or colour options and mockups with all the effects that will be used in the final production. It's a perfect tool for market testing.

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Adjusting the product to the final customer needs, has become an important element of the marketing strategy of many brands. Adjusting the product and its packaging, e.g. by adding a specific inscription or leaving the final customer influence on the graphic design, increases customer’s engagement with the brand.

Transition from mass production to mass customization could only be achieved by using digital machines that have the ability of variable data printing, enhancement and cutting. Personalization can be founded on a previously prepared database or it can be driven by randomly generated design parts. That is why EVERY box in the series can be different.

Brand protection

Brand owners are asking us, more often these days, what counterfeiting measures we can offer them. They also would like to take various steps in order to prevent undesirable distribution practices.

Graphic personalization is in itself one of the solutions here. In case it is not sufficient, there is a whole range of brand protection solutions available, when the brand owner decides to print digitally:

  • microtexts,
  • microcodes,
  • invisible inks,
  • Guilloche images,
  • combinations of the above.

The securities might be interactive. In that case the security is verified by a dedicated app or the scan takes the user to the brand owner’s web page for the product authentication.

Hybrid production

It is obvious that digital printing and enhancement is most cost-effective solution for small series.
In order to optimize production costs, we have developed an order processing algorithm for a hybrid production line.  We take into account the capabilities of all machines at our disposal during the production planning.

Thanks to that, we can easily transfer orders between the digital and classic printing house, where Heidelberg machines operate and decide whether the job will be cut on a digital plotter or on classic Bobst and Heidelberg die cutters. All folding boxes are glued on VEGA and Heidelberg machines. We also use other peripheral production devices.


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