Digital enhancements

Scodix press - the digital enhancement technology that allows us to make variety of finishes and embellishment available for short runs of packaging or even a production of a single Mock-up. It is cost-effective and time-efficient as all processes are performed without ordering additional tools such as dies or molds. The enhancement effect are transferred directly from the file to the printing sheet.

Scodix enhancements include the following effects.

Scodix Cold Foil Stamping

Applying a microscopically thin layer of metallic foil to selected areas to enhance the text or graphic elements. It allows to achieve extra sharp detailing and creates a luxurious and elegant appearance, which is hard to achieve using traditional printing method. Foil available in gold, silver and several other colours.

Scodix Sense (raised) polymer

Allows creating effects such as:

  • Digital Embossing Allowing for raised print of selected text or graphic elements
  • Digital Braille Aiding visually impaired or blind consumers to read the packaging
  • 3D texture & patterns Allowing to create raised elements in multiple shapes or sizes

Scodix Spot (flat) polymer

Digitally recreates the effect of traditional flat UV varnish. This allows to achieve high gloss UV effect over a selected area and makes the colours to shine and appear more vibrant.

Scodix Hybrid polymer

Applying a mix of different polymers we can achieve the appearance of an “orange peel” on your packaging. This adds a strong visual and tactile effect along with great scratch and scuff resistance.

Scodix Cast & Cure

See through foil, which creates high impact 3D-holographic effects and leaves a micro pattern on the selected area. It is designed to add depth, dimension, and a luxurious finish to printed materials.

Utilizing a combination of UV coating and holographic effects, this technology creates visually captivating prints that not only engage the audience but also leave a lasting impression.


Lamination is a luxurious finishing technique, which adds elegance and extends life cycle of your packaging through adding a thin layer of plastic film over the print to protect the underlying paperboard. It gives your packaging better durability and protection against abrasion, cracks, creases, scratching and sun or water damage.

You can choose from gloss, matte, soft-touch and anti-scratch finishes. Which one is the best for your packaging? Here is some characteristics to help you evaluate which option is the most appropriate for your product.

lamination east

Gives your packaging shiny appearance, a vibrant depth of colour and improved visual contrast. It’s eye-catching, dynamic and has a premium feel to it.

It repels dust and dirt well and offers great protection for your product, yet in a brightly lit retail environment, any wrinkles, scratches and indents can be more visible.

lamination east

Is non-reflective and offers a subtler finish. It adds a level of sophistication and class to your packaging and is often used to establish your product as high-end.

Matte lamination can lessen the intensity of colours, producing a more muted and reserved palette. It creates less contrast with darker colours, resulting in an overall softer look.

lamination east

Similar to matte lamination, it gives a subtle surface with little-to-no sheen, yet unlike other laminates it adds extra depth with its delightful texture. To touch, it feels like velvet and instantly creates a luxurious experience for anyone holding your product.

With its refined look and unique ability to stimulate the sense of touch, soft-touch lamination is a perfect choice for premium packaging that will stand out from other products offering distinct experience to consumer’s the sense of sight and touch.

lamination east

Comes in a matte finish and adds extra resistance against scratching and abrasion. It is deployed to solve the scratch problems, when the matt laminating is applied on a packaging with a large area of solid deep colour printing, like black, dark brown, navi blue, dark red, etc.

It’s elegant appearance and protective qualities make it especially useful in cosmetics and luxury packaging. It effectively conceals fingerprints and preserves the surface quality enhancing visual appeal of your product.

Other Finishes & Embellishments

Spot UV

Varnishes are usually used to protect the printing or to add texture and contrast to the packaging. They can be applied to the entire press sheet (flood varnish) or to specific areas (spot varnish) to highlight certain elements like your product name or key features.

You can choose between dispersion and UV varnish with gloss or matte finishes. We offer also a hybrid varnish (drop-off effect) resembling the appearance of an “orange peel” on your packaging. This gives a strong visual and tactile effect along with a very good scratch and scuff resistance.

Spot UV is the print finishing involving application of a high gloss UV coating to a selective area on a printed product. Primary use is to make certain elements or colours to shine and appear more vibrant, but Spot UV can also be applied to create additional patterns or raised texture, which will result in stunning visual and tactile effects.

It attracts the eye and engages the senses, by adding contrast, depth or texture to printed items. It gives your packaging luxurious look and help you to stand our form the competition.


Are two techniques used to either impress or depress an image into paper. Embossing is when you raise a particular area of your design to create a 3D graphic, and Debossing is the opposite, as you are creating an indent in the chosen material. It is achieved by pushing a metal die into paper.

These popular print effects are ideal for giving your print piece a fresh, contemporary look — and when combined with other effects, like foil stamping, embossed designs can transform a great piece to a luxury one.

Is a printing technique that uses hot dies to press foil onto the surface of a paperboard to enhance brand logos or packaging artwork designs. You can choose between holographic and metallic foils in a wide variety of colours.

The foil adds glamour and exclusivity to your packaging and is an easy way to elevate your branding. Hot foil stamping is often combined with embossing. The effect is especially striking for company logos.

This is a process of generating printed material using braille writing system. We use various techniques to create raised dots on the packaging to help visually impaired or blind people to read the packaging using their fingers.

You can choose between “AccuBraille” (pressing technique used during the glueing process), “Embossing Braille” and “Digital Braille” (Sense Scodix effect).

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Material Library


Premium-grade paperboard, with smooth, icy-white surface and coated white reverse, allowing printing on both sides. Ideal for supreme-quality printing and the most demanding finishing treatments. Superior creasing & folding properties, and resistant to cracking on the folds. Used for high-end, luxury packaging.


GC1 (FBB) Holographic Board

Premium paperboard, with coated white reverse and holographic foil on top, which produces a 3D effect when hit by light. It is showing off different colours when looked at from different angles and gives a true flair of premium to your packaging. The foil coating adds extra stiffness, making the packaging more resistant to cracking and tearing.

cosmeticssupplementspromotional displaysluxury packaging

GC1 (FBB) Metallic Board

Premium paperboard, with metallic silver top and coated white reverse, which makes the overprinted colours to gain unique metallic sheen. Metallic foil coating adds extra stiffness, making the packaging more resistant to cracking and tearing.

cosmeticssupplementspharmaceuticalspromotional displaysluxury packaging


Premium paperboard, with coated white reverse, which allows printing on both sides.

cosmeticssupplementspharmaceuticalspromotional displaysluxury packaging


High quality, sturdy paperboard, with coated white top and uncoated cream reverse. It offers higher stiffness and excellent material efficiency, and is slightly more resistant than GC1.

pharmaceuticalsdisplay boxes

KRAFT Paperboard (CUK)

Very durable and robust paperboard, with coated white top and uncoated brown reverse. Great choice for companies that are looking to promote a more natural look and eco-feel to their packaging. As it is strong and water/moist resistant, it is typically used for chilled and frozen foods or tea packaging.

cosmeticspersonal carepharmaceuticalsfrozen foodstea


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